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About GearUP

About Gear up

Gear up is an e-Travel initiative for the selection, admission and smooth integration of passionate junior software developers into our creative engineering team.

The goal of this project is to assemble a team of junior software developers with little or no real-world experience and provide them with the guidance and means to:

  • follow industry best practices for the design and implementation of robust and scalable web applications that serve millions of real customers
  • utilize modern frameworks and technologies for the implementation of production-grade systems
  • operate independently and as part of a team to deliver value to customers

How does it work?

Once you register your interest for participating in this initiative, we will send you a link to an online automated coding test within the next few days. The purpose of this test is for us to evaluate your coding skills at the entry level that we have deemed appropriate for this position. After the end of the testing phase, all candidates that have taken the test will be notified about whether they progress to the next phase or not.

The top-performing candidates in the online coding test will receive invitations for a short interview in our headquarters. This short interview is a chance for both you and us to get to know each other better and determine whether we are a possible match. After the interview round is over, all interviewed participants will be notified about their admission status.

Candidates who successfully complete the selection process will be hired as permanent, full-time junior software developers by e-Travel and undergo an intensive 3-6 month training programme under a designated mentor that will include:

  • Company and IT induction
  • Extensive hands-on training in relevant technical subjects
  • Working in a team and developing soft skills
  • Delivering well-designed and robust applications that solve real-world problems
  • Frequent feedback based on performance

Who are we?

e-Travel is​ one of the top 10 online companies in selling flight tickets in the world and one of the most successful start up companies in Greece​ with a sales volume of 450 million and climbing.

Depending on the country you are in, you will know us by a different name as we operate 10 different websites including,, and, while at the same time we have presence in more than 60 markets worldwide.

What we do

We are using cutting edge technology to provide our customers with the best travel tools and assist them every step of the way.

Every day, over 5000 people travel with tickets issued by us, placing a great responsibility on our shoulders.​ ​Our very own growing team of software developers is responsible for building and maintaining all our websites as well as ​designing robust applications that​ serve millions of real customers.

Our team

Our team comprises around 200 young, enthusiastic professionals from over 8 different nationalities, passionate about what they do and fascinated by new technologies. The professionalism and determination that characterises our work does not prevent us from having a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our 5000m2, open plan offices are located in Athens close to the Ampelokipi metro station.

Any questions?

Frequently asked questions

Will this initiative run just once or multiple times?
We are planning to run this initiative multiple times since e-Travel is expanding more & more each year! This is a brand new project, so we will be very flexible and open to discussing potential changes.
Can I take the online coding test multiple times?
Unfortunately no. However, once you receive the link to the online test, you can take it at a place and time of your choosing (subject to the test's expiration date).
What programming languages can I use for the online coding test?
The purpose of the online coding test is not to test your knowledge of a particular programming language but, rather, your comprehension of programming concepts in general. For this reason, we provide availability options for the most popular languages including ruby, python, C#, Java and C.
I am a software/web developer of some experience. Can I still apply?
If you believe that your experience is of junior level, of course! But if you do have some experience as a software engineer, how about applying for one of our currently open positions?
Will I continue working for the company after the 3-6 month training course?
Our purpose with GearUP is to coach every single participant to successfully navigate the 3-6 months of the training, not just a percentage of the top performers. However, we feel that an evaluation review is also necessary. So, upon completion of the training course, you will be evaluated based on your performance and the project’s predefined goals. This evaluation will determine whether we will continue our cooperation on a permanent basis. In this case you will be assigned to one of our existing development teams.
I am not a software developer. Can I still apply?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. We expect all candidates to have a basic knowledge of software engineering. Otherwise, it would be impossible to provide a fair training that would be effective for both the company and the other candidates themselves.
Am I going to get paid?
Yes! If you are selected, you will be hired as a full-time e-Travel colleague and will receive a salary from day one.
Do I have to pay anything in order to be considered and/or selected?
No, you do not. If you successfully go through the selection process, we will pay you a salary.


e-Travel S.A. is an IATA and GNTO accredited travel agency